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Community’s story

A community of friends shows that friendship pays

Local community group, the Nottinghamshire Kidney Units Appeal, came together to raise money for an issue dear to their hearts.  Formed in 2002 this community of friends has raised nearly £300,000 to help renal patients and fund kidney research across Nottingham.

The group’s Chairman, Richard Reynolds, is proud of their achievements: “All our lives have been touched by kidney disease in one way or another, either directly or through people we love.  We have seen first-hand the  dedication of the hospital staff.  Their commitment is clear to see and we look forward to helping them and others in the Renal Unit as we all try our best to improve the lives of people with kidney disease.”

Through their enjoyment of charity get-togethers such as golf days, car boot sales and theatre collections the group is now on their fourth major appeal. All the more outstanding given the core of the charity organising team is comprised of just five volunteers who are all committed to supporting the advancement of both treatment and research for kidney disease.

“Right now the lives of three million people are threatened by chronic kidney disease and most people know of someone touched by it in some way, from a painful kidney stone to end stage renal failure,” says Richard Reynolds.  “Patients receiving dialysis sit for up to four hours so a comfortable seat is essential. The most recent money we’ve raised will fund the purchase of modern specialist chairs which are easily adjusted for patient comfort and also allow staff to work at a safe and comfortable level.”

Nottingham Hospital’s Renal Unit serves a population of approximately one million people, with patients coming from across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire. More than 1,000 people with kidney failure are currently being treated there.