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We exist to support you, Team NUH, across Nottingham’s four NHS hospitals - including Queen’s Medical Centre, City Hospital, Ropewalk House and the Nottingham Children’s Hospital.

We work closely with Team NUH to identify the areas in greatest need of funding. If you identify a need in your department that you think will make a real difference to patients, you can apply for funding to meet that need, or you can fundraise towards it. Find out more about our Charity Guidelines on NUH Intranet.

Our online Grants system makes it easy to apply for a Grant, save progress and make sure your application fits the Charity Guidelines criteria.

Team NUH are our Charity ambassadors! The more you can share news from the Charity with patients, families and the wider community - the more support the Charity gets to fund projects.

There are plenty of opportunities for members of Team NUH and their families to get involved with fundraising.

You could hold your own event, such as a cake sale or quiz night, or take part in an organised challenge event such as a skydive, trek or cycle ride. Whatever you choose to do, we're here to support you along the way. 

To speak to us about fundraising or to request a fundraising pack, full of ideas and tips, please email or call our Community Fundraising Manager Jo Burr in the office at 0115 962 7905.

Meet your Nottingham Hospitals Charity

Want to find out how to apply for a charity grant for your team and patients? Or would you like to raise money for your Ward or department?

We’re hosting a series of relaxed and informative webinars to find out more about Nottingham Hospitals Charity and how we can help you.

Sign up to NUH's staff lottery

The staff lottery is available to all staff at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and by entering, you could win up to £1,000! 

It could not be easier - lottery deductions are taken from your monthly salary through payroll, meaning once you’ve signed up you don’t have to worry about entering each month, as it will be done automatically for you. So you can just sit back and wait to see if you’ve won! 

Each Lucky Number costs £1 per month and you can pay for up to ten numbers. Your Lucky Number(s) will be automatically generated and will remain yours for as long as you take part in the lottery. The lottery draw takes place on the third Wednesday of every month, when the winning numbers are randomly selected by computer generator. If your Lucky Number comes up, you will be notified in writing and we will send a BACS transfer within a few weeks of the draw! It’s that simple! 

Visit our staff lottery page for more information on how to enter.
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Staff Dragon Boat Race

Introducing our brand new Staff Dragon Boat Race. Exclusively open to staff across Nottingham hospitals, the Staff Dragon Boat Race allows you to bring your team together and make a difference to your department or area.

Find out more by clicking the link below.

Challenge 1000

After a three-year break, Challenge 1000 is back. We want to encourage you and your colleagues to get involved in raising as much as you can for your department. From bake sales to dragon boat races, every activity you take part in will make a difference.

Find out more about how to get involved.
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