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Abbie Anderson’s story

A schoolgirl’s birthday present for Nottingham’s hospitals

Nine year old Abbie Anderson took a unique decision for her ninth birthday and decided to donate her birthday money to the Children’s Cancer Wards in Nottingham, as well as the Mother and Baby Unit.

When asked what she wanted for her birthday Abbie simply said “no presents, just your presence” and inviting 80 children to join her the schoolgirl raised over £300.

Abbie explained that the areas chosen were due to fact that she had previously raised funds for the Children’s Cancer Wards and her auntie works on the Mother and Baby Unit: “They need help and it will make them feel more better. I think we have got a life and they are poorly and they need help. I like helping people out.”

Abbie’s parents Debbie and Chris supported her desire to help others with proud Debbie saying: “She has a heart of gold and is always willing to take part in things to help others. She does anything she can to make things better for those less fortunate than her.  Coming to present the cheque to the hospital we were taken around the units and Abbie got to see the little babies which she really enjoyed.”