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Where Your Money Goes

In just over ten years, with your support, we’ve raised over £34 Million to support our Nottingham hospitals and patients.

How do we spend it effectively?

We’ve invested £7 Million in research, plus £1.4 Million on diverse projects which have helped the Trust earn an ‘Outstanding’ accolade from the Care Quality Commission. Many donations specifically request certain Wards, Units or specialist services. So we’re delighted to have provided additional resources for children’s cancer wards, stroke patients, cardiac care and breast cancer care to name but a few.

By funding exceptional staff development programmes over and above national provision, we can lay claim to having some of the best-trained clinicians in the NHS

Add in facilities that directly support patient experiences – such as ambient, calming surroundings, music therapy and resources for dementia patients – you get a sense of how valuable and valued our charity is.

And it wouldn’t be possible without caring people who give of their time and money to make that vital difference. Thank you.

  • Patient Facilities and Equipment

    With your support, we were able to make £2,331 million worth of improvements to patient facilities and equipment across the Hospitals Trust during the most recent financial year.

  • New Building and major refurbishment

    £170,000 was put towards new buildings and major refurbishment works across the Hospitals Trust during the last financial year, and we couldn’t have done it without your donations and support.

  • Staff Education and Welfare

    £368,000 was put towards Staff Education and Welfare during the most recent financial year.

  • Research and Development

    We put £578,000 into research and development during the last financial year.

Every minute, your support makes a difference