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Heart manikin breathes new life into CPR training

Patients with heart problems are set to benefit from advanced life-saving training for Cardiology staff thanks to a new high-tech resuscitation manikin funded through Nottingham Hospitals Charity.

Clinical staff can now hone their resuscitation techniques using the highly life-like Resuci-Anne manikin , funded with £3,600 raised by the Nottingham Cardiac Support group.

The manikin has advanced features which mimic the anatomical functioning of an actual patient. It has enabled Clincial Educators Pip Richards and Lisa Holloway to run regular training for clinical staff to learn how to resuscitate patients and save lives.

The manikin, dubbed ‘JT’ after Cardiac nurse Jessica Taylor (pictured), comes complete with a SimPad which generates heart rhythms and monitors the effectiveness  and techniques of test compressions. It also monitors airway management so staff can improve their techniques for helping patients with breathing difficulties.

‘JT’ also has adaptable eyeballs so pupil size can be adjusted to simulate certain neurological conditions or medication overdoses.

Lisa, who took up the Clinical Educator role last September says:  “It is wonderful to have a decent effective manikin to replace the one we were using which was 20 years old.

“Because of its many features it provides a much more realistic training simulation and gives very accurate feedback to trainees on how effective their resuscitation techniques are so they can measure and improve their performance.”

Lisa and Pip recently ran a training day for the East Midlands Ambulance Service which generated £300 for the Charity.

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