Unveiling of new children's wards refurbished by the charity

Four people including Barbara Cathcart stand by the sign for E39

Posted on: 08 Jul 2015

State-of-the-art new wards for cancer and neurosciences patients have today been officially opened at Nottingham Children’s Hospital.

Wards E39 and E40 have been transformed in a multimillion pound development, which has created bright, colourful wards, with a dedicated area for teenage patients.

The wards also feature a high-tech air filtration system and new-look playrooms.

Janet Hagan, Ward Sister on E40, a ward for young patients with conditions affecting the spine and brain, said: “Due to the nature of their conditions, many of our patients spend a long time in hospital, so it’s crucial that the ward is as comfortable and welcoming for them as possible.

“We now have a large rehab bay, where we can fit equipment like wheelchairs, and improved bath and shower facilities. It’s made a huge difference to our patients.”

Katie Manning, Ward Sister for E39, the children’s oncology ward, said: “Our aim is to make a stay in hospital as pleasant as possible for every child we treat, and the new ward is a really bright and welcoming environment. Patients and their families love the colourful wall art, and the air filtration system helps to protect our patients whose immune systems may be weakened by the drugs they are taking for their treatment.”

The wards re-opened in the spring and have been a huge hit with patients.

The work has been funded by Nottingham University Hospitals Trust, a £1.1m donation from Nottingham Hospitals Charity, and Teenage Cancer Trust.

Chief Executive of Nottingham Hospitals Charity Barbara Cathcart says: “We know how important it is for young people to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible while they are a patient at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

“Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we have been able to help transform and enhance our cancer and neuroscience wards, making them a more welcoming and fun environment for patients.

“The charity provided more than £1m towards this project which is a phenomenal achievement. I want to thank the people of the East Midlands for helping us to make such a huge difference for poorly children. The whole community really got behind our Building the Best children’s appeal and I feel humbled by the support we received. I’m very proud to work for a charity which has patients at its heart and makes such a massive positive impact.”

Stephanie Smith, Head of Service for Nottingham Children’s Hospital, said: “It’s been great to see the new wards in action and the difference they have made to our patients and their families. We’re really proud of them and hope that they will help us to continue to offer the very best service to our young patients.”

The wards were officially opened today by Dr Peter Homa, Chief Executive of Nottingham University Hospitals Trust, and Her Grace, the Duchess of Rutland, patron of the Nottingham Children’s Hospital.

Teenage Cancer Trust patrons Roger Daltrey and the Duchess of York opened the teenage unit

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