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Posted on: 12 Sep 2023

11th September marks the start of Remember a Charity Week, which reminds everyone how important and easy it is to leave a gift for charity in their Will. If you leave just 1% of your estate in your Will to Nottingham hospitals, you’ll be helping to fund life-saving research, state-of-the-art equipment, and some of those small projects that can mean so much to patients right here in Nottingham.

What are the benefits of leaving a gift in your Will?

When you leave a gift in your Will, you will not only be saying thank you for the care you have received over a lifetime, but you’ll also ensure that the amazing care continues to look after your loved ones for generations to come.

How easy is it to leave a gift?

Our free Will writing service, Bequeathed, makes it easier than ever to make a Will. With their free online consultation process, you can start writing your Will around a time that suits you. They’ll guide you through the process to ensure both your loved ones and the local hospital are looked after.

Does my Will really go to the area I leave it to?

When you write your Will, you’ll be able to let us know the area of the hospital that you wish to support. That could be a specific ward, department, or just Nottingham hospitals in general. We will ensure that your wishes are honoured and your gift will go directly towards the area closest to your heart.

Has a gift in a Will ever made a huge difference?

We’ve seen people’s Gifts have a huge impact on patient care right here in Nottingham. In 2016, Marion Irish left £535,000 to City Hospital’s Haematology Service to fund a research fellowship. This generous donation has helped boost research into multiple myeloma – an incurable cancer of the blood and bone – after her beloved husband Stanley sadly passed away from the condition.

All donations we receive support Nottingham’s hospitals and have a huge impact on patient care.

Can I leave a Will at any time?

With Bequeathed, you can write your Will any time of the year and it’s completely free. Whether you’ve hit a life milestone or you just want to say thank you for the care you and your loved ones have received over the years, you can write your Will when the time suits you.

If you have any questions about leaving a gift in your Will, you can speak to our team, by dropping her an email at


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