Legacy boost for haematology services

Barbara stands with three members of the hospital as they cut a white ribbon by the Bethel Haematology centre

Posted on: 23 Sep 2016

A lady whose parents were treated at Nottingham’s hospitals left a large gift in her will for research into multiple myeloma.

Marion Irish, who grew up in Nottingham and lived to her early 90s, left £535,000 to the City Hospital’s Haematology Service to fund a research fellowship. She chose to support multiple myeloma – an incurable cancer of the blood and bone – because her husband Stanley died of the condition.

A unit at the City Hospital’s Haematology Service has been renamed the Bethell Haematology Daycase Unit in Marion’s memory – her maiden name was Bethell.

Family members attended an official opening on Thursday 22nd September.

Marion travelled the world with her husband who was a top government official, living in places as far flung as Singapore, Hong Kong and Gibraltar. She finally settled in Dorset but retained a soft spot for her Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire roots.

Marion’s niece Jayne Stocks says: “I called Marion my ‘exotic’ aunt because she lived all over the world. It was always Auntie Marion’s intention to leave her money to charity as she had no children.

“It is good to see the unit renamed in Marion’s name and to know that her legacy will benefit people.”

Barbara Cathcart, Nottingham Hospitals Charity Chief Executive says: “Nottingham Hospitals Charity is very focused on supporting local research that has a global impact and this generous legacy will enhance understanding of multiple myeloma by funding a research post. It is good to be able to welcome members of Marion’s family to Nottingham so they can see where her legacy will be spent.”


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