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Featured Image for Mum takes on ‘Robin Run’ in thanks for son’s care

Mum takes on ‘Robin Run’ in thanks for son’s care

A local mum is taking part in Nottingham Hospitals Charity’s ‘Robin Run’, to raise money for the hospital which cared for her son. Nicola Barksby is taking on the running challenge throughout September to raise money for Nottingham Children’s Hospital, where seven-year-old Jake Barksby was recently treated for testicular cancer.

Nicola explained: “In January 2020 we finally got the news we had hoped for – Jake’s final MRI scan following the end of his chemotherapy treatment was clear and he was officially in remission. We were just starting to get some normality back into our lives when lockdown occurred due to Covid-19. With Jake being so soon out of chemotherapy we had to shield to protect him.”

After previously running the Robin Hood Half Marathon three years ago, Nicola had found the recovery hard and painful, putting her off running. During the Covid-19 lockdown she began a ‘Couch to 5k’ programme and spent nine weeks learning to enjoy running again.

She said: “I loved it, and every time I was running I just thought about what Jake had been through and how giving up was not an option for him, which spurred me on to keep running.”

Nicola is now taking on Nottingham Hospitals Charity’s Robin Run as a special thank you to those who cared for her son. The 13.1-mile Robin Run challenge, which is sponsored by 200° Coffee, can be run throughout September. Participants can choose their own route and take part on their own, or with other members of their household.

To sign up to the Robin Run, please click here. To sponsor Nicola please click here.