NHS staff charity

A nurse wears a mask and a face cover

Nottingham Hospitals Charity support patients and staff across Nottingham City Hospital, Nottingham Children’s Hospital, Ropewalk House, Queens Medical Centre.

We on considered one of the UK’s best NHS charities and we support over 30,000 staff with training, funding equipment for their patients and their wellbeing.

Recently we’ve dedicated £363k to fund psychological support for Nottingham’s NHS staff who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic.

As well as funding bigger projects, we like to take moments to give back to our colleagues at Nottingham Hospitals and in Summer 2021 we organised an ice cream truck to deliver free ice cream for the staff who were working through the hottest days of the year.


As well as giving back to our colleagues, we love to see them get involved in our events. We’ve seen them take on incredible heights as they abseil down the side of the QMC or do their own thing including hula hooping for their unit.

We’re always so proud of our Team NUH colleagues and we want to continue to thank them for their hardwork and support throughout the past 15 years.


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