Ice creams all round for Team NUH this week

Ice creams at City Hospital 14

When temperatures are pushing 30 and our Team NUH colleagues are working hard to care for patients and their families across Nottingham, there's only one solution - ice cream!

This week, when medical director Keith Girling got in touch to say "can the Charity help?" we leapt into action and called in support from Neil's Whippy

His bright pink van arrived on City Hospital campus at 3pm, as a crowd of Team NUH staff were already congregating and looking forward to their 99 flake. A queue snaked around the block very quickly (ice cream on a hot day is popular, who knew!), but we needn't have worried, there were smiley faces all around in no time.

For wards that were feeling especially busy, heroic staff took ice creams and slush puppies for others in their departments and we went down to say hello and thank our amazing NHS colleagues in person too.

It was fantastic to meet so many Team NUH staff and enjoy a few minutes' peace in the sunshine, ice cream in hand. 

Alongside the big £multimillion projects we fund, sometimes it's the little things that are just right!
Ice creams at City Hospital 17
Ice creams at City Hospital 12
Ice creams at City Hospital 14
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