Top tips for the Robin Hood Half Marathon

Two runners stand with their arms around each other. They are ready to compete

Posted on: 27 Jul 2022

With less than two months to go before this year’s Robin Hood Half Marathon, we know that you are probably feeling eager, worried and excited all at the same time. We wanted to put together some top tips to help you prepare to run the distance and ease any worries.


What you wear on the day can make a difference to your event. The most important part of any running event is the shoes. If you are thinking about buying new running shoes, we recommend that you do this now instead of waiting for the day before. Not breaking in your new shoes may cause you to get blisters or they may be too tight and this could make your race more difficult and cause you pain.

You should have also received your free Nottingham Hospitals Charity running vest to don on the day. If not, get in touch with one of our fundraisers and they’ll make sure to send one your way before race day.


You should practice running before taking on any half marathon. Running a half marathon is considerably harder than a 5k but still just as fun, and so rewarding! Try to vary your runs as the route you will be taking has many different terrains and descents. You don’t have to run alone, grab a friend and have fun.

If you’ve never run a long distance race before don’t worry, start small and build on the distance until you reach as close to 13.1 miles as you can. It’s okay to stop and have a walking break and remember you can do this on race day – there is absolutely no pressure to run the whole distance without stopping. We want you to have a great time and enjoy your event.

Eat right on the day

It’s important to fuel your body and make sure you have enough energy to get around the course. Try to avoid eating something that your body isn’t used to as this could cause digestive problems, and avoid food that makes you feel bloated. Think about bringing fuel packets to help keep you powered half way around but make sure you time these right and not all at the start.

A banana is good for post-race rehabilitation. This will help reduce inflammation and they are rich in potassium and help your muscle recover so you’ll hopefully feel less sore the next day.

Save energy

Take your time; after all remember it is a marathon not a sprint so there is no rush to be the fastest on the day. The Robin Hood Half Marathon takes you all around the beautiful sights of Nottingham, so take your time and enjoy the view.

Whilst running, try to avoid short bursts of sprints, as this will consume your energy and you’ll hit a point where you’ll be empty. Try to be consistent and don’t rush.


You will need to make sure you stay hydrated on your run. Previous runners have taken a running bottle with them and then grabbed some water from the water stations, which will be located around the course.

Water also helps your muscles throughout the race and helps minimises your chance of injury and cramping throughout and after the race.

Have fun

Overall, we want all our incredible fundraisers to have fun! All your fundraising will make a big difference to patients across Nottingham and the area closest to your heart.

We can’t wait to see you on the day and cheer you on as you take on this amazing, once in a lifetime experience!

There are still a few days left to apply to run in support of Nottingham Hospitals Charity at this year’s Robin Hood Half Marathon. Grab your spot today!


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