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Thank you Captain Sir Tom Moore

Like many of you, we were devastated to hear of the passing of Captain Sir Tom Moore this week, an incredible individual who inspired millions across the UK to support our NHS.

A number of you have been in touch to find out what impact he made to Nottingham, and the truth is his efforts made a real difference to NHS workers across the UK, including in our very own Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

We’ve been working closely with NHS Charities Together, the organisation which received Captain Sir Tom’s amazing donations. So far, we have received £247,000 from NHS Charities Together.

We have also been fundraising closer to home, and the great people of Nottingham have dug deep, so far raising over £300,000 for our own ‘Help Your Hospitals’ Appeal.

Nottingham Hospitals Charity has given our Trust over half a million pounds to support NHS staff during the pandemic.

This money has been spent on all kinds of important projects to support frontline NHS workers as well as the wider healthcare community – from sleep pods, gardens and rest areas, to food packages and psychological support.

We’re still working hard to make sure this money goes to the right place, with an additional 83 rest areas earmarked to be created or improved for the staff across the hospitals.

As we remember the inspirational Captain Sir Tom Moore, we give thanks for his phenomenal fundraising for the NHS. His legacy will continue and he will be a role model to fundraisers for many years to come.

If you have been inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore and would like to support your local Nottingham Hospitals, visit our Help Your Hospitals Appeal page here.