Starting a business helps young children say thank you

The kids from Eco Kiddies sit on the sofa and hold a variety of socks

Posted on: 18 Apr 2024

Three amazing young fundraisers – Francis, Claire, and Emmanuel – have started their own business venture to say thank you for the care they have received, and help other young patients at Nottingham Children’s Hospital.

The three entrepreneurial siblings – aged ten, eight and six – started Eco Kiddies as a way to combine their passion for sustainability and supporting a local charity, with a child-friendly business venture.

EcoKiddies specialises in environmentally friendly socks made with organic cotton. With every sale, 10% of their profits will go to the Big Appeal for Nottingham Children’s Hospital.

Mum Sylvia told us about their incredible idea:

“Francis has suffered from asthma since he was a baby, and it has had a significant impact on his and our lives. He requires regular visits to the GP and Nottingham Children’s Hospital, where he is currently under the care of the paediatric respiratory team.

“One of the major challenges he faces is not being able to partake in his favourite activities such as swimming and football. Despite his love of sport, he often experiences breathlessness during matches that require him to stop and fetch his inhaler. His asthma has also affected his progress in swimming, where he’s been unable to advance for the past two years.

“Alongside Francis, Emmanuel’s journey began with a medical emergency, when he suffered umbilical hernia strangulation in 2019. Luckily, he’s now recovered and is in full health.

“The idea of Eco Kiddies stemmed from our desire to combine our passion for sustainability with a business venture. We’re aiming to provide eco-friendly products for children whilst also helping our local community, which includes supporting Nottingham Hospitals Charity.”

Francis appreciates having the opportunity to give back to the hospital which has cared for him.. He told us: “I feel very good about the way I can give to a charity through running a small business. I wanted to give back to charities so that children like me can get better.

“Me, my parents, and my siblings try to give as much to charity as possible. I’ve visited the Children’s Hospital and they treated me really nicely so I wanted to say thank you."

You can find out more about EcoKiddies here.


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