Seeing the impact of charity donations made us take on the skydive

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Posted on: 27 Mar 2024

Not one but two Nottingham Hospitals Charity team members are taking on our Charity Skydive in June to support two areas of our hospitals. Community and Corporate Fundraiser Charity Stow and Fundraising Assistant Grace Micallef will be joining other fundraisers as they take to the sky at over 15,000 feet. We sat down with them and spoke about why they are taking on the challenge.

Hello both. Why are you taking on the skydive?

Charity: There are two reasons why I’ve chosen to take on the challenge of the skydive. The first is that I’ve worked at the event for the past few years and have gotten to know the fundraisers who come from all areas of Nottingham, and found out all the different reasons they are supporting Nottingham hospitals. I’m hoping that by taking on the skydive, I’ll also be able to relate to them and understand in more detail the challenge they are choosing to take on.

The second is that it’s such a great opportunity to give back to the hospitals that we work closely with every day. I get to see first-hand how fundraisers’ money goes back into areas across the hospital, and the lasting impact that has on our community.

Grace: Unlike Charity, I haven’t worked at a skydive but it’s nice working at the charity as you can see where the money goes and all the different areas that are impacted by this. We get to see these changes happen every day. It’s also been a big bucket list item for me after watching I’m a Celebrity! If they can jump out of a plane, so can I! It’s nice to do something positive but in a fun and exciting way.

What areas are you choosing to raise money for?

Grace: I’ve decided to support Hayward House. I don’t have a personal connection with the centre but after I lost my Nan recently, I saw the importance of having somewhere like Hayward House to support patients and their families toward the end of their lives. By fundraising for this area, I know that I’m helping to fund treatments and benefits that unfortunately my Nan didn’t get towards the end of her life. Everyone is touched by the loss of a loved one so I want to help make those final days extra special.

Charity: I’m supporting one of our smaller funds, the Arts Appeal, as I’m involved in the creative and music scene around Nottingham, and I’ve seen the impact music and the arts can have on the mental health of our local community. I wanted to help support patients and staff at our local hospital and ensure they have the same support through the arts.

Charity and Grace stand in the corridor at the Nottingham Hospitals Charity office.

Charity (left) and Grace (right) are looking forward to taking on the Charity skydive

As the skydive is approaching, how are you feeling about the day?

Grace: I’m not nervous at the moment but who knows how I’ll feel on the day. I could be shaking and nervous or I could be as excited as I am now!

Charity: If I’m honest, I’m terrified! I’ll be working on the day up until it’s my time to board the plane but I’m trying to remember that it’s for the best cause. I know I’ll be fine and I’ll be joined on the plane by Grace and a few of my friends so it’s going to be good to experience something fun and different together.

Charity, you’ve worked at a few skydives, does it help to know what to expect from watching other fundraisers take on the jump?

Charity: Yes, it’s good to have had the experience there and know a little bit more about what happens after speaking to other fundraisers. They’ve all spoken about the nerves at the beginning but it’s important to remember that it is a challenge and it’s not something that you would normally do. Everyone that has taken part has told me that it was amazing and that I should do it, so I’m taking their advice! It’ll also be really nice as I’m in touch with all the other fundraisers who are joining us on the day so I’ll get to experience it with them. It is a lovely way to connect myself with them.

What is your advice for those who are thinking about taking on the skydive?

Grace: Do it!

Charity: Definitely go for it!

Grace: You have to push yourself sometimes, and it’s for a good cause, so why not?

Charity: It gives you a confidence boost knowing that you can do something extraordinary. It’s also the best thing for you to know that you can break through those nerves and anxieties and work towards a goal and have a great experience doing that.

We’re so proud of Charity and Grace for choosing to take on this incredible event along with all our other fundraisers. You can show your support by donating to their JustGiving pages (Grace’s page and Charity’s page).

You can also take on the jump any time throughout the year, take a look at our skydiving page to learn more.

Take on a skydive throughout the year

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