How Nottingham Hospitals Charity have supported mental health across Nottingham

A nurse stands in a corridor and holds her hands in a heart position in front of her chest.

Posted on: 09 May 2022

Over the years, the mental health of patients and staff has been one of our top priorities here at Nottingham Hospitals Charity, and we’re grateful to have been able to fund a range of projects that have helped patients and staff across Nottingham Hospitals.

Psychological support

With the help of NHS Charities Together, we were able to donate £363,000 to support the mental wellbeing of staff across Nottingham Hospitals during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. We all know how hard the pandemic was on our incredible NHS, so it was important for us to help them during this time. This funding will supply Nottingham Hospitals with new positions, which include two clinical psychologists and a mental health trainer.

Arts Coordinator role

We’ve funded a specialist Megan Dawes position within Nottingham Hospitals who will continue to help support the mental health of staff and patients across the hospitals. Megan Dawes has previously provided patients and staff with our funded boredom buster kits and is running events throughout Mental Health Awareness Week to support staff with their mental wellbeing.

Nottingham Forest Community Trust

By partnering with Nottingham Forest Community Trust we have help support the mental health of young people across Nottinghamshire. Over the past six months, we’ve run numerous events within the partnership and raised over £5,000 which has been split between Nottingham Hospitals Youth Service and Nottingham Forest Community Trust.


We have helped fund a quiet area at QMC for staff to take five minutes out of their day away from the wards. The area provides staff with a relaxing space to talk and take a breath of fresh air. Staff are able to use this facility any time during their shift and when they are feeling overwhelmed.

Without your generous donations, we wouldn’t be able to support staff and patients with their mental health.


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