Exciting update on the Big iMRI Appeal!

The Big i-MRI Appeal logo which features the words of the appeal and a cartoon Robin Hood sitting in a MRI machine.

Posted on: 27 Jan 2020

Dear Friends and Supporters our wish has come true! We are delighted to announce that the hospital has now APPROVED THE PURCHASE of the new iMRI scanner for Nottingham Children’s Hospital.

Commitments from existing supporters mean that we have REACHED OUR TARGET of £1.6 million for the appeal and we would like to thank our many thousands of supporters who have helped achieve this amazing landmark.

Our new iMRI suite in Nottingham will be a huge benefit to children who have been diagnosed with a brain tumour. The iMRI machine will allow surgeons to scan their patients during surgery, enabling them to remove as much of the tumour as possible at once. By operating in this way, surgeons will have the best possible chance of curing their patient in the first operation.

Early in 2020 we will have information from the Children’s Hospital about the timetable for the iMRI’s delivery, installation and testing with a view to it being fully operational by autumn. We will keep you all updated once we have this information but until then …

Thank you from everyone at Nottingham Children’s Hospital!

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