How to donate money to the NHS

A nurse at QMC holds her hands in a heart position at QMC
After a very challenging few years, the love for the NHS has grown increasingly with many people wanting to give back to our frontline workers.

When you say thank you to our hardworking NHS you are thanking the hardworking nurses who are working on the cancer wards, the doctors who are stitching up a road traffic accident or the volunteers who are escorting you to your appointment.

There is no doubt that the NHS has always worked hard to fix us up when we need it.

There are plenty of ways you can give back and say thank you to our NHS.

Fundraise for the NHS

We have plenty of fundraising events that you can get involved in. From skydiving to abseiling down the side of the QMC, there are plenty of ways to raise money for Nottingham’s NHS.

Become a friend

If you have the means to, you could become a Nottingham Hospitals friend and give back to the NHS on a monthly basis. Starting from just £5 a month you can choose the area in which you wish to support or just give a general donation. All donations will go towards Nottingham Hospitals.

Leave a legacy

When writing your Will, have you ever considered leaving a small amount to Nottingham Hospitals Charity? This is a fantastic way to say thank you to the NHS for the care you have received over your lifetime and the care your loved ones will continue to receive.

Team NUH Lottery

If you’re a member of Team NUH you can join our staff lottery and give a small donation each month with the chance to win some incredible prizes.

Give a donation

Finally you can make a one of donation to our general fund or to an area of your choosing. Click the link below.
Give a donation

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