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Oliver Swift is being held by a man. Both are smiling and Oliver is looking at admiralty at the person holding him. Behind them is a iMRI banner.
At Nottingham Hospitals Charity we support some of Nottingham‘s younger patients who are being treated at Nottingham Children’s Hospital. As well as supporting patients we help the hospital provide support to parents and families throughout their child’s treatment.

We regularly provide appeals such as The Big Appeal which has helped us fund upgraded parent and family accommodation as well an Intra-operative MRI machine which has already revolutionised the treatment for children with brain tumours across the East Midlands.

Any donation that we receive for the Children’s Hospital goes directly to them and their needs. These donations can be used to provide a multitude of things from refurbishments for wards and areas, specialist equipment or additional training for staff. We pride ourselves on being on of Nottingham’s leading NHS charities.

Nottingham Children’s Hospital is known as a specialist regional centre for the East Midlands and our Big Appeal has already made such an impact on families and patients from the region and further afield.

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