Providing photography sessions to improve the mental wellbeing of staff

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Photography sessions coordinated by our Arts Coordinator Megan have helped improve the mental wellbeing of staff at Nottingham’s hospitals.

In a fast-paced and emotionally charged environment, staff across Nottingham hospitals work hard to ensure patients and their families are looked after 24/7; however, this can come at a cost to their mental wellbeing. Thanks to Art Coordinator Megan, staff from across City Hospital and Queen’s Medical Centre have been able to step away for a completely new perspective on their place of work.

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The special sessions, run by Nottingham-based photographer Lamar Francois, helped staff enhance or learn a new skill, whilst spending time away from their area of work during their breaks.

“We walk by places every day that we take no notice of and to be able to take the time to look at it with a different perspective and through a lens has been eye-opening and inspiring. I now see my place of work in a completely different light,” Mark Callaghan, Technical Standards Manager at Nottingham hospitals, explained.

A photo is placed on the wall of the bridge at QMC. You can see all the spirals and connected circles

Session lead Lamar spoke about the impact that running these sessions has had on both himself and staff: “I found working on this project a quite rewarding experience. Sharing my craft as a photographer with the participants and seeing them grow and develop a body of work that is now being exhibited is quite rewarding.

“The importance of crafting to help staff wellbeing cannot be stated enough. I was glad to be able to give team members a space away from their busy jobs to explore their own ideas and thoughts and be who they wanted to be behind the camera.”

One of the most rewarding impacts of these sessions has been the relationships formed by the staff who took part. Each member of staff came from different areas across Nottingham and made a lifelong connection through the art of photography. The sessions also provided a chance for self-expression and reflection, and for participants to engage with their surroundings in a different light.

Beyond the personal benefits, the photography sessions have now had a wider impact on brightening up the North Corridor at City Hospital, where 15 photography pieces can be seen until they move to their permanent home outside the staff wellbeing room at QMC.

The impact of the photography sessions on hospital staff has been profound and helps remind them to take a moment to breathe and find the beauty in the little things. This in turn can impact on patient care by enabling staff to return from their breaks rested, refreshed and invigorated.

You can help support more projects like this by donating to our Arts Appeal. Just £5, helps make a difference to staff and visitors to Nottingham hospitals and brightens up our hospitals for years to come.

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