Brightening up Nightingale 2 Ward for patients with infectious diseases

The newly refurbished ward at Nightingale 2 features a woodland scenary

Thanks to generous donations from our supporters like you, Nightingale 2 Ward, one of the infectious diseases treatment centres at City Hospital in Nottingham, has been given a breath of fresh air with new artwork.

We have recently visited Nightingale 2 Ward, to take a look at one of our funded projects, which is already making a big difference to patients who remain in hospital for longer periods of time. 

The £45,000 grant has funded significant new artwork across the Ward, with the aim to reduce the anxiety of patients and make it a more welcoming space. Scientific studies also indicate that providing a better environment will help patients psychologically and contribute towards a swifter recovery. 

The works were completed by Grosvenor Interiors. When the project first started, patients were asked for their preference on the creative concepts, with the majority opting for visuals reflecting nature, holidays, the sea and a sense of warmth. The designs were then chosen and specifically tailored to suit a broad age range with a diverse patient population in mind.
The corridor on the Nightingale 2 ward features a collection of wildflowers

We spoke to Yvette Milnes, Ward Manager on Nightingale 2 Ward, about the impact the new artwork is having on patients being treated at the unit.

“When patients visit the infectious diseases ward they are usually suffering from illnesses such as TB and HIV which means they could be here for weeks or even months. We wanted to make sure the area felt warm and welcoming, to make patients feel as comfortable as possible.

“We received a generous donation from a kind donor and wanted to ensure we did something really special with the money. We looked at the dementia wards, drew inspiration from them, and decided we wanted to brighten up the wards with some new artwork and murals.

"We chose to bring the outside in and create a nature-based theme for the ward environment, which include flowers and insects."

Two pictures of the upgraded wall designs on Nightingale 2 feature an array of nature designs

Yvette continues:

“The new artwork, which was designed by Grosvenor Interiors, brightens up the area and makes it more comfortable for patients who may spend up to six months on the ward. Before, the rooms could feel claustrophobic and empty but now it feels brighter and less like a hospital.

“Recently we received a visit from an inpatient's daughter, who mentioned she had visited the ward when she was a child. She had difficult time revisiting the ward as her memories of her mum were dark, dreary and scary. The physical transformation of the ward has given her comfort and visiting her mother were much easier to manage.

“We want to thank the donor who made this possible and for allowing us to improve the ward for patients, visitors and staff.”

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