A patient compares her new prosthetic next to her hand

The moment when Jayne first sees her new prosthetic glove. 

After losing four of her fingers on one hand in an accident 12 months ago, Jayne has been on a huge journey, with the help and support from NUH staff at City Hospital’s Mobility Centre

In these photos, Beth, a Prosthetist at the Mobility Centre, delivered Jayne her bespoke silicone glove, made to match her skin tone and to fit her uniquely – she can even paint her nails! Wearing this glove will help boost Jayne’s confidence when she is out and about. 

The Amputee Service received a grant from Nottingham Hospitals Charity for £2,300, which helped purchase some equipment for patients with upper limb loss like Jayne, to help regain independence with everyday tasks at home.
A nurse shows the patient and her friend the new prosthetic hand

With the help of this grant, the Occupational Therapist Elin was able to provide Jayne with some aids to try with at home to help regain her independence with day-to-day tasks. The aids have really made a difference to her independence and quality of life. Jayne can now open jars on with a special device. Cooking is much easier with the help of a cooking basket so she does not have to lift heavy pans.

For patients with upper limb loss these aids make such a big difference for tasks in everyday life, such as cutting up food, preparing and cooking a meal or getting dressed. Having the equipment to show and demonstrate to patients has been invaluable; it helps them on their journey to regaining their independence again.
A patient shows how she uses the equipment to help her open a jar and hold a cooking bowl

Jayne told us:

"Thank you for all the hard work you all do, it really does make a huge difference to people like me whatever their circumstances.

"I am sure that I am not alone in feeling we have suddenly found ourselves in some kind of alternate reality, we are the same but different somehow! We start the journey back slowly accepting that actually this is where we are and it’s not going to be the same, but meeting many people along the way who help us to accept, show us new ways to live, support, care and give.

"It really does help us keep moving forward to live our best life possible."
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