Funding equipment for Parkinson’s patients

The Parkinson's equipment lies on a desk

Paul has Parkinson’s disease. When we met him and his wife at QMC during a routine appointment, they told us all about how they were working hard to make changes to their home to help Paul adapt to his life-long condition.

Paul sits on a chair holding a piece of equipment

Paul holds his pillbox timer

As part of this, Nottingham Hospitals Charity has helped fund some new equipment to help make life a little easier for patients like Paul. Paul was very excited about trying some of this new equipment first-hand.

Clair Mace, a Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialist at NUH, applied for the grant and explained to us why projects like this are so impactful to patients.

Clair sits at her desk with the equipment in front of her.

Clair Mace sits with the equipment funded by the Charity

“Sometimes it’s the small things that can make a big difference to a patient. Items like these can make day-to-day activities much easier for patients like Paul. Many of the patients we treat have long-term conditions and much of what we do is helping them adapt to their new situation.

“Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to Nottingham Hospitals Charity, we couldn’t provide this additional support without your help.”

To make a donation so we can help more patients like Paul, visit the link below.


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