Creating a new room to help patients get home sooner


A new clinic room has opened at Harvey 2, which will allow clinicians and nurses to see patients without admitting them to the hospital. This new room was a former storage room and toilet, but has now had a complete transformation thanks to charity funding.

Harvey 2 specialises in looking after patients who have undergone breast and cosmetic surgery. This unit is part of a ‘virtual ward’ scheme, which means patients can be sent home to recover in the comfort of their own home, but are closely monitored and receive follow-up appointments at the ward.

The new clinical area will help staff see these patients without having to admit them to the ward or bring them into the ward environment. By doing this, staff will be able to care for more patients on the ward, whilst still maintaining a high level of care for those who are outpatients.

Before the room was a combination of a storeroom and a toilet
The room now features a examination bed, desk and lockers 

Rebecca Wix, Ward Administrator from Harvey 2, said: “Harvey 2 ward is delighted to have a purpose built treatment room funded by Nottingham Hospitals Charity. The new treatment room facility will provide a dedicated area to review post-operative patients following plastics and breast surgery. The treatment room will also support the plastics and burns virtual ward allowing patients to stay at home and receive treatment in the community reducing the patient need to stay in hospital.”

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