Helping new mums breastfeed babies born with a cleft palate

The team from the cleft centre stand distanced holding the breast pumps at the Cleft Centre at City Hospital

Thanks to donors like you, we’ve funded six brand new Medela Electric Breast Pumps for babies and parents being cared for at the Trent Regional Clef Network.

For babies born with cleft lips or palates, it can be really tricky to establish breastfeeding, as it can be a struggle to latch.

With this equipment, new mums can still feed their babies with breastmilk safely via a cup, spoon, or specially-designed bottle, while they stay with us at NUH.

We gave a grant of £5,800 to fund this equipment – and this wouldn’t be possible without your support. 

These pumps will help hundreds of babies in Nottinghamshire and the surrounding areas, who are treated at Nottingham City Hospital.
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A photo of the breast pumps which yellow and come with a carry case
Stephen Henaghan, NHS Oncology Specialty General Manager at NUH, said:

“Breast pumps for the service are vital in supporting new families in feeding their baby breast milk as direct breast feeding is not an option due to the anatomical impact of the cleft.

“The advantages of breast milk are well documented and for these infants to benefit from these advantages, an electric double breast pump is needed for mothers to express their breast milk.

“This can be particularly challenging when a baby cannot directly attach and breast feed, the added time and pressure to produce sufficient volumes for baby is an emotional and physical strain on families.
The team from the cleft centre stand distanced holding the breast pumps at the Cleft Centre at City Hospital
“We receive positive feedback and thanks from families for the use of our hospital grade double electric breast pumps. Most mothers set out to give their baby expressed breast milk for the first few weeks of life and with regular support establish a good milk supply which enables them to express until their baby’s first surgery at 4-6 months and beyond. This is physically beneficial to mother and baby as well as the psychological impact of meeting the needs of their baby.”

Thank you to all our wonderful donors who are changing lives on a daily basis!
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