Thanks to research, my dad was given five extra years

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Posted on: 20 Jul 2023

Thanks to your donations, we were able to help a son have five more years with his dad before he passed away. This is thanks to research funded by Nottingham Hospitals Charity, which takes place at the Clinical Haematology Centre.

James wanted to say thank you to the team who enabled his dad to live longer and took on a skydive in his memory. He wanted to share his dad’s incredible story.

“As I currently sit and watch Arsenal lose to Tottenham Hotspur, I think about how my dad would have been in hysterics and constantly reminding me that they’ll never be as good as Liverpool. It’s moments like this, that make me miss him dearly.

That banter however, wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support my dad received from the Haematology Centre at Nottingham hospitals. Thanks to Charity funded research, my dad gained an extra five years after being diagnosed with Lymphoma. During this time, we managed to achieve some truly remarkable things together and it is something that I’ll be forever grateful for.

During those years, we built a kit car together as well as making many more cherished memories. He’s always been a bit of a teacher and has knowledge about almost any topic. One of his biggest passions was engineering, especially the engineering associated with high performance cars and he was so glad he was able to tick off something he’d always wanted to do with me.

James Kit car

James and his dad built a kit car during his treatment

My dad was always so fit and healthy so when he got Lymphoma, it all came crashing down and seemed highly unjustified for a man who loved and laughed with his whole family.

The research allowed him to continue to fight cancer but also helped him achieve things he always wanted to do. He climbed Machu Picchu, went mountain biking with me and built a race car that we raced across the country. Those 5 years we were blessed with helped create memories that will last forever. What he achieved during those years showcase how remarkable he was.

Because Nottingham Hospitals Charity funded the research, I wanted to give back to the hospital that gave me that precious time with my dad. I decided to continue with dad’s adventurous spirit and I took on a skydive challenge in his memory.

Fundraising and donations gave me and my family time, if I can give another family the same, it was worth it.”

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