Seven mini triathlons for Hat-trick for Hospitals

George sits on a static exercise bike and has his thumbs up to the person taking the photo

Posted on: 24 Jan 2022

It’s great to see so many of our supporters getting involved in Hat-trick for Hospitals, to raise money for children and young people across Nottinghamshire. One local Nottingham Forest fan wanted to give back to the two local charities involved, Nottingham Hospitals Charity and Nottingham Forest Community Trust, and decided to take on seven mini-triathlons over the course of a week.

George Hutchinson is one of the many fundraisers who are doing something different for Hat-trick for Hospitals. We spoke to him about his fundraising.

NHC: So George, why you decided to get involved in Hat-trick for Hospitals?

GH: I wanted to give back to my local community and to help two local charities. I always try to do something similar each year so this was a great way to give back.

NHC: What fundraising event did you do?

GH: I’ve just completed my 7 mini triathlons which consisted of 2km swims, 5km runs and a 10km bike ride over the course of 7 days. That’s a total of 119km covered in the gym.

NHC: Are you a fan of Nottingham Forest Football Club?

GH: Absolutely, I’ve been a fan since I was born which is 23 years. Come of you reds!

NHC: What inspired you to get involved in Hat-trick for Hospitals?

GH: I saw the advertisement on the Nottingham Forest Football Club Instagram account and thought this was a great to get involved.

NHC: How have your family and friends supported you throughout your fundraising?

GH: I’ve received plenty of messages of support from friends and family. They’ve also helped me with the meal prep. It takes a lot to do 7 mini triathlons; food was a key to success.

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