Nottingham Schools Fun Run

The Nottingham Children's Hospital logo with a Robin Hood mascot running at the left of the logo whilst holding a balloon

Posted on: 27 Sep 2019

Over 800 children from four schools in Nottingham are launching the first ever “Robin’s Fun Run” on Friday 4th October. The Fun Run is a unique school sports event raising funds for Nottingham Children’s Hospital, whose mascot is a little Robin Hood.

Kinoulton Primary, Cropwell Bishop Primary, Archbishop Cranmer Primary and Pierrepont Gamston Primary School are pioneering the first Robin’s Fun Run for the Children’s Hospital which is based at QMC and treats 60,000 children each year.

The Fun Run is the brainchild of Dr Louise Wells, Paediatric Consultant at Nottingham Children’s Hospital. Dr Wells wanted to find a way of encouraging local schoolchildren to raise money for the Children’s Hospital.

Schools wanting to find out more about the Robin’s Fun Run or wishing to receive a Schools Newsletter can contact the Nottingham Hospitals Charity team on 0115 962 7905 or email them via

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