Nottingham researchers launch ground-breaking Long Covid study

Long Covid Research lab

Posted on: 08 Mar 2021

Anne-Marie Lees Digital Marketing Executive Posted on: 08 Mar 2021

Scientists and researchers at Nottingham’s hospitals have commenced a ground-breaking research project looking at the debilitating effects of Long Covid.

To help support the project, we’ve launched our Long Covid Research Appeal, with a bid to raise £50,000 to help fund the research into the longer-term effects of the virus.

Research is being led by a team of experts in Nottingham, the results of which will be shared nationally to help improve treatment for patients experiencing Long Covid across the UK. Money raised through our appeal will be used to help fund a dedicated Long Covid Research Fellow, as well as access to state-of-the-art equipment to aid the research.

With one in five Covid-19 sufferers experiencing Long Covid symptoms, such as fatigue, chest pain, memory loss and depression, more research into the treatment of the condition is vital.

Ian Pointer, a Royal Mail postman in Nottinghamshire, was hospitalised with Covid-19 in March 2020. He was rushed to the Queen’s Medical Centre by ambulance after struggling to breathe at home and was ventilated and placed in an induced coma for four weeks, during which time his kidneys failed and he developed septicaemia.

Ian said: “Things got very real, very quickly. The full details of what went on and how they managed to keep me going is still a mystery to me, but I am deeply grateful to our fantastic doctors and nurses for their dedication and commitment, I will be forever grateful.”

After a long and difficult battle with the virus Ian returned home, but has continued to suffer Long Covid symptoms such as fatigue, lethargy and mood swings.

Ian explained: “When I was discharged from hospital I thought I was over the worst of it and I could get back to normal, but far from it. The loss of physical fitness is one thing, but the mental health issues, mood swings, the inability to let small things go, the lack of interest in things – these are things that are new to me.”

Ian’s health is slowly improving, 11 months on from contracting COVID-19, but his fitness and mental wellbeing have still not returned to their previous state. He said: “I can run upstairs now without spending an hour sitting down afterwards, but I think it’s the lack of get-up-and-go that I have noticed, I just feel like doing nothing.”

He is now backing the Charity’s Long Covid Research Appeal, and says: “I think the more information we get, the better we will understand and be able to help Covid sufferers who may experience different symptoms and needs. Currently there’s a broad-brush approach when dealing with Covid suffers, because we still don’t truly understand it yet.”

The initial focus of the research in Nottingham will be on muscle fatigue and breathlessness, two of the most common and debilitating symptoms of Long Covid. The research, which is being co-led by Professor Ian Hall and Professor Charlotte Bolton, will look at the effects of these symptoms and possible treatment options.

Want to learn more about Long Covid? Download our handy guide for more information.

To watch a video about the research, including an interview with co-lead researcher Professor Hall, or to make a donation to the appeal, please click here.


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