Neonatal Unit celebrate World Prematurity Day

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Posted on: 25 Nov 2021

A team from Nottingham Hospitals’ Neonatal Units marked World Prematurity Day by taking part in their annual Little Light Walk around the Nottingham Forest ground.

The team were joined by a wide range of supporters including Ben Bradley, who 18 years ago was treated on the unit.

Ben told us "I was born unexpectedly at 28 weeks and was cared for in the QMC Neonatal unit for nearly nine weeks. I can't quite believe how small and fragile I was. Despite my prematurity and the risks of long term health problems, from the time I came home I had no lasting effects. Things could have been so different and as a family, we'll always be grateful for the care and love that the Neonatal team gave us and how they wrapped us up in a protective bubble.

I turned 18 this year and I am pursuing my dream of a career in the theatre in my home city by setting up my own theatre company. We will be raising funds for the charity and hope we can support the Neonatal unit in the future."

A group for World Premature stand at the Forest ground and hold a massive banner

The day began with fundraising activities taking place on the unit, with a coffee morning with colleagues and parents, an auction, and a presentation of gifts to families courtesy of Nottingham-based company Boots.

After arriving at the Forest ground, the team were greeted by members of the Nottingham Forest Community Trust and former patients and families who have since ‘graduated’ from the unit.

Each year the Neonatal Units at Nottingham Hospitals treat hundreds of babies, and their families are eternally grateful for their support throughout their time there and beyond. Babies who are born premature require special treatment and usually do not have enough body fat to regulate their own body temperature, which is why the specialist equipment available at the Neonatal Units is vital to their treatment.

Thank you to all the families, organisations and hospital staff who continue to support our Neonatal Units each year.

Three members of staff stand by a stand at QMC. One is holding a set of earrings and the other is holding a card.
Some of the Neonatal team with their gifts from Boots
A team from City Hospital stand and sit in a room whilst holding cakes and cupcakes
The team celebrate World Prematurity Day by holding a cake sale
The team from Neonatal stand outside the Forest ground holding a World Prematurity Day banner
Some of the fundraisers stand in the Nottingham Forest Football Club grounds
The group from neonatal stand inside a room with the banner behind them. You can see the World Prematurity Day banner behind them
Past patients gather to celebrate the day

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