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Posted on: 21 Feb 2022

Since being selected as Mowgli’s house charity, through adding a discretionary £1 donation to every bill and various fundraising activities, Mowgli have raised £50,000 for our Big Appeal; funding vital equipment to enhance patient care and help paediatric neurosurgeons treat children with brain tumours.

To mark this incredible total, 50,000 steps were taken by five members of the Mowgli team on Sunday (20/02/22), walking from their restaurant on Stoney Street to City Hospital and back. 

Fran, one of the Mowgli team who braved the storm to take part in the walk, said: 
“We all had a lot of fun celebrating this milestone, despite the rainy weather. And while it was planned that we walk 10,000 steps each, 50,000 between the five of us, it actually turned out that we walked 10 kilometres each, 50km across the group and over 65,000 steps!”

The team at Mowgli joined the Charity, NUH staff and others back in 2020 on an incubator push from QMC to Nottingham City centre, raising money for the Baby MRI Appeal; enabling Nottingham Hospitals to provide a special incubator to help the smallest of patients.

Nisha Katona, Mowgli's founder and owner, said: “Mowgli exists to enrich lives in the cities that she goes to. It is an honour for us to raise money for such a noble cause. It is a credit to our teams that they come to work every day and look at the world around them and wonder how they could make it better. Marvellous people in a marvellous city."

We are so grateful to be partnered with Mowgli, an organisation passionate about giving back to their community and helping to enhance patient care, right here, in Nottinghamshire.
A collage of images for the Mowgli team. There is the words £50,000 in one corner and 50,000 steps in the other

The Mowgli team on their 50,000 step walk


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