Meet the team from Shredall SDS taking on the QMC Abseil

Four members from Shredall all stand by their logo on the side of a giant bin

Posted on: 15 Sep 2021

We love it when the sponsors of our events take part in the challenge themselves! This year, our Big QMC Abseil sponsors Shredall SDS have ten members of their team taking on the abseil in aid of Nottingham’s NHS hospitals.

We caught up with them ahead of Saturday’s event to find out how they are feeling about the imminent 100 foot drop.

Kayleigh Storer

Headshot of Kayleigh Storer from Shredall
Kayleigh is the Marketing and Business Executive at the Shredall SDS Group and handles all the social media channels and communications to their customers.

Why did you sign up for the Big QMC Abseil?

I wanted to challenge myself and raise money for a local charity.

How are you feeling about the height?

Heights don’t bother me too much, so okay at the moment!

How are you feeling about taking on the abseil?

I’m feeling fairly relaxed about it, however I’m not sure that I’ll feel the same on the day when I’m stood at the top of the QMC!

Charlotte Wilson

Charlotte Wilson Headshot
Marketing and PR Manager Charlotte will be joining her colleagues at the top on Saturday.

What was your reason for signing up for the Big QMC Abseil?

I love a challenge, in 2020 I cycled from London to Paris and some of my donations went to Linden Lodge as my dad spent some time there. This is another opportunity to do something out of my comfort zone for an incredible charity that helps tens of thousands of people across Nottinghamshire.

How do you feel about heights?

In all honesty I don’t really know. I think I’m okay but the thought of having to abseil 100 feet down the side of QMC is making me very nervous.

How are you feeling about taking on the abseil?

I’ve been very calm, however as it gets closer I’m starting to think about it more and am starting to get jittery – eeek!

James Davis

James Davis is accepting an award at the Business Awards
Health and Environment Technician James has been with Shredall SDS for four years and has completed two apprenticeships in the process.

Why did you sign up for the Big QMC Abseil?

I set myself a goal at the beginning of the year to do something for charity, so that was reason number one. I also like the idea of taking on a challenge that would push me out of my comfort zone.

How are you feeling about the 100 foot height?

I wouldn’t say that I am the best with heights, but I like a challenge so I’m hoping that helps.

How are you feeling about taking on the abseil?

I’m confident that I’ll be able to get down without an issue, but once I’m up there waiting for my turn, the nerves will kick in. It’ll be worth it once my feet touch the ground.

Cameron Phillips

A photo of Camera Phillips from Shredall
Compliance Apprentice Cameron is one of the younger members of Team Shredall SDS taking on the drop.

Why did you sign up to take on the Big QMC Abseil?

The thought of jumping backwards off the top of a tall building with only a harness and a rope to stop me from dropping to the ground sounded like a lot of fun!

How are you with heights?

I’m fine with heights, so long as there is no quick and painful way down. I couldn’t imagine standing on the edge of an unfenced skyscraper looking down at the ground but if there are railings I’m fine.

How are you feeling about the day?

I’m really looking forward to it. It seems like a lot of fun and we’re hoping to raise a lot of money for a good cause. I’ve been called insane (more than once) for wanting to take on this challenge – but it’ll be worth it.

Phillip Cope

Phillip Cope from Shredall holds a beer
Phil is an HGV driver at Shredall SDS and has been working for the group for almost a year.

Why did you sign up for the Big QMC Abseil?

My wife works for the NHS and the fantastic team the QMC helped both of my grandparents towards the end of their lives whilst they suffered from cancer. It’s a pleasure to give a little to those that gave so much.

Have you been preparing for the day?

I haven’t really needed to as I feel pretty comfortable with the drop. I’ve done free abseiling and a bungee jump in the past so I have a little bit of experience doing amazing things and incredible heights.

How are you feeling about the height?

I stand at 6ft 7in so I’m pretty used to heights.

Denim Smith

A self portrait photo from Denim Smith at Shredall
Operations Manager Denim is in charge of processing, picking and validating files for clients. He’s also head fire safety manager for the business and is in charge of ensuring all staff are safe if an incident occurs.

Why did you sign up for the Big QMC Abseil?

I’m a huge fan of the NHS and wanted to give something back after everything the tough staff has been through the past few years.

How are feeling about the height?

We use a scissor lift daily in the warehouse which reaches around 8m and I have previously abseiled down a Derbyshire Viaduct, so I already cope well with heights.

How are you feeling about taking on the drop?

I’m very excited to have the adrenaline and nervous rush of anticipation on the day and I can’t wait to see my colleagues go over the edge.

Harry Davis

A photograph of Harry Davis from Shredall
Shredding Facility Operative Harry recently began working for Shredall SDS. He is looking forward to the challenge and learning some new skills within the company.

Why did you sign up for the Big QMC Abseil?

I signed up for the abseil as I enjoy raising funds for charity and I felt like this would also be a great opportunity to get to know others in the business.

How are feeling about the height?

I've completed a 50 foot abseil before so I think I'm okay with height.

How are you feeling about taking on the drop?

I'm confident about getting down but know I'll be more nervous standing at the top waiting for my turn.

We're so grateful for Shredall SDS Group for sponsoring this year's Big QMC Abseil. Entries are closed for this year but you can register your interest to take on the abseil in 2022, or take a look at our other fundraising events that you can get involved in.

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