How Nottingham Hospitals Charity supports children with cancer

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Posted on: 04 May 2022

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it can be devastating for both them and their families. We know that Nottingham Children’s Hospital provide these patients with the best care and support throughout the East Midlands, and many of the facilities they provide are the only one within the region.

We’re proud to continue to help Nottingham Children’s Hospital in providing the care that children facing a cancer diagnosis need. We couldn’t do this without our generous donors and fundraisers who all raise money for children’s cancer across Nottingham.

Over the past 15 years, we have helped all areas of children’s cancer including the children’s neuro-oncology service and specialised wards including E40, which is the only ward across England that removes and treats the brain tumour on one ward.

Many of our fundraisers have a personal connection to children’s cancer and want to give back to the hospitals who have treated their child, niece, nephew, or grandchild. They raise money or give a donation to say thank you to the hardworking NHS staff across Nottingham for supporting their loved one through diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment.

We’re honoured to be able to support Nottingham Children’s Hospital continue to treat children undergoing cancer, and over the past decade we’ve been able to:

Fund research and equipment

Since Nottingham Hospitals Charity began, we’ve been able to fund vital cancer research and life-saving equipment. We were so proud to help fund a £2.9million the intra-operative MRI scanner which is used during surgery on children with brain tumours. This incredible piece of equipment allows surgeons to do scans during the operation, which allows for more accuracy in the removal process and provides a better outcome.

Delivering treats

With the help of local businesses’ donations and support from donors, we’ve been able to provide a sense of normalcy for patients undergoing cancer treatment, and help bring a smile to the faces of young patients during a difficult time. This means making sure that patients who may be in hospital over Christmas and Easter do not miss the fun of the holidays and still receive special gifts and treats.

Enhancing the ward environments

We have been able to help renovate the children’s cancer wards at Nottingham Children’s Hospital, allowing patients to feel more at home and at ease whilst receiving treatment. We also raised £500,000 to upgrade the parent and family accommodation, which allows families to stay, overnight somewhere comfortable, without the worry of leaving their child in hospital alone. 

We would never be able to do all of this for children undergoing cancer treatment without the help of donors, businesses and fundraisers. We’re so thankful for all their help and support which allows us to continue to support the incredible work that Nottingham Children’s Hospitals do.


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