How and where to Hike for your Hospitals this summer!

Four women walk through a wooded area. They are all smiling and laughing with each other and wearing Nottingham Hospitals Charity t-shirts

Posted on: 11 Aug 2021

As the summer holidays lie ahead, many of us are keen to go outdoors and get some fresh air and exercise. What better time to take on a walking challenge, and raise money for your local hospitals at the same time?

With our Hike for your Hospitals challenge, you can choose where, when and how far you walk. You can take part on your own, with a furry companion, or with family and friends – walking can be a great way to keep children active and entertained during the summer break!

To help your plan your challenge, we’ve put together a few ideas for walks in and around Nottinghamshire. Take your pick – or create your own route!

Visit your local country park

In Nottinghamshire, we’re lucky to have an abundance of beautiful country parks to choose from, such as Colwick, Rushcliffe, Rufford and Wollaton, to name just a few! Many of them have lakes to walk around, play parks to keep young children entertained, and cafes or kiosks where you can stop for a well-deserved ice cream! You can choose a shorter route if you’ve got companions with little legs, or a longer route if you’re feeling ambitious.
A stock image of Wollaton Hall in Nottingham

Explore your neighbourhood

If you don’t feel like travelling far to take on your walking challenge, why not take a trip around your own neighbourhood? You could do a few shorter walks over the period of several days or weeks, and add up the miles. Wander down streets you’ve never had time to go down, and get to know your neighbours along the way!

Discover local landmarks

Nottinghamshire is famous for many things – lace making, the legend of Robin Hood and the works of Lord Byron, to name a few. Why not plan a walk to or around some of the county’s famous landmarks? You could walk from the Lace Market up to Nottingham Castle, or wander around the grounds of Newstead Abbey, the home of the poet Lord Byron. Or tread in the footsteps of Robin Hood himself, take a trek around Sherwood Forest, and see the famous Major Oak.
A stock image of the Robin Hood statue in Nottingham

Take a trip by the river

There’s nothing like the sight and sound of the water – so why not take a trip down by the River Trent? There are numerous river walks along the banks – and you could even stop for a pub lunch along the way! Or why not take a picnic and enjoy some al fresco dining by the water?

Wherever and however you decide to walk, stroll or hike, you can raise money for your chosen area of Nottingham’s hospitals along the way!

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