Funding two new ultrasound machines for Nottingham Hospitals

Two members of NUH stand by the side of the newly funded ultrasound machine

Posted on: 15 Mar 2022

Thanks to your generous donations we’ve recently been able to fund two brand new state-of-the-art ultrasound machines at Nottingham City Hospital. These specialist machines will help staff at the respiratory clinic better diagnose and treat patients across Nottingham.

We spoke to Dr Helen Roberts about the importance of these machines.

“Nottingham Hospitals Charity has recently funded two new ultrasound machines which will help us to look at fluid which has gathered around the lung. This is quite common in patients who have cancer but can also be seen in patients with a wide range of conditions.

“The new machines will help us to get better images and allow us to take samples and drain the fluid more easily and reduce the risk of complications.

“These machines enable us to carry out specialist procedures, make a diagnosis, and ease the discomfort and breathlessness that can happen when fluid collects around the lung.

An ultrasound machines stands alone in a room. It is just turning on as you can see a few elements on the screen.

“Before the new ultrasounds, we relied on older machines that took a long time to load and didn’t provide the best quality picture. These new machines allow us to get a much clearer image, run much more quickly and are importantly much easier to clean.

“I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who donates to the charity. Small pieces of equipment like the ultrasound machines can actually make a huge difference and allow us to continue to deliver the best treatment for patients all across Nottingham.”

You can continue to help us fund pieces of equipment like the ultrasound machines by making a small donation below.


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