Breast Cancer Awareness Month: One fundraiser’s efforts to honour her parents

Sara and her son

Posted on: 12 Oct 2021

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month we want to highlight the amazing efforts that our fundraisers go to, in order to raise money for breast cancer research and treatment at Nottingham Hospitals.

One of those fundraisers, Sara Lomas, has been raising money for Professor Stephen Chan, Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Nottingham Breast Institute and his research team as they look into a certain gene that indicates how patient’s tumours will respond to various types of treatment. She also wants to thank Professor Chan for the work he does to care for his patients.

Sara stands outside in the darkness with her son. She had her thumbs up

“The courage, bravery and determination was a testament to the amazing woman she was,” Sara tells us. “Having held her hand whilst she passed away was an unimaginable pain. I lost my best friend that day.”

After losing her mum, Sara’s dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer, which he beat, but in October 2020 he was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer which was aggressive and despite his best fight, he sadly passed away just 10 days after diagnosis.

Sara stands outside her house. She is holding a virtual finish line against her doorway

To raise money for Nottingham Hospitals Charity Sara walked a million steps in March and raised an incredible £870 for Professor Chan’s research. More recently she’s completed the Virtual London Marathon, despite suffering with numerous health challenges this year.

Sara told us about raising money for Nottingham Hospitals Charity: “The work NUH do for cancer research means the world to me. I’ve seen the difference it can make and know that by coming together we can all be a part of saving lives.”

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