Brave Felix helps support other young patients with cancer

Felix stands with his sister outside in a park area. Both of them are smiling at the person taking the photos. They are both wearing warm coats and Felix is wearing a hat.

Posted on: 02 Apr 2024

At just eight years old, Felix was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Despite his devastating diagnosis, and with the help of his mum Lyndsey, he showed unwavering determination to give back to other young patients just like him. Lyndsey told us more about Felix and his inspirational challenge.

“Felix was a happy and healthy eight-year-old before he was diagnosed. He loved playing football with his friends and his team in Keyworth as well as going to watch Nottingham Forest and visiting theme parks with his family.

“We were so shocked and scared when he received his diagnosis. He hadn’t been himself during the summer holidays and started to suffer from unexplained fevers, night sweats, and rashes right before he was diagnosed. Something inside me thought it could be cancer but I still didn’t expect to be told that it was.

“Felix handled everything with bravery but also a huge amount of intrigue. He found knowing all the details of what was going to happen to be helpful and his consultant and nurses understood this and included him in all the discussions so he understood everything that was happening.

“Felix wasn’t able to go to school during his treatment due to his chemotherapy cycles being every three weeks and he was neutropenic, meaning his white blood cells were lower and his immune system weakened, he was more susceptible to germs and bugs. I had read about a 100-mile challenge and suggested it to Felix thinking it would give him focus and a routine as he no longer had that from school. We decided to do a trial run on the 1st
of February to see how far we could go and we managed 2 miles as he was still in a cycle of chemotherapy during this time as well.

Felix stands on the railing of a bridge across a river. He is smiling widely at his mum taking the photo

Felix braves a cold day and wet day to continue his challenge

“He did the maths and suggested that we do 50 miles instead, and that I was insane to suggest 100, as he could still do it around his treatment. After he had decided which two charities he wanted to support, Young Lives Vs Cancer and Nottingham Hospitals Charity, we decided to start our challenge.

“The walks kept us motivated to get through the last month of his treatment. One morning we walked 2.5 miles in the pouring rain around Rushcliffe Park and we couldn’t stop giggling between us. It was such a crazy thing to be doing!

“The care from the staff on ward E39 at the Children’s Hospital has been incredible; they are our absolute heroes and have been so lovely to Felix and us. They look after every child with so much respect and ultimately turn the worst time of your life into something that slowly resembles normal. They’ve helped us get through this difficult time and we’re so happy to be helping to support them.

Felix stands with his brother and sister inside the Forest reception area. They are marvelled by the badges.

Felix makes a special visit to Nottingham Forest

“Felix is quite shy and everything he has gone through has really impacted his confidence around people who he doesn’t know. When we were invited to visit Nottingham Forest, I was concerned about how he would react but the team was unreal with him. They were so sensitive and kind and it was amazing when they said we could walk around the City Ground. We did it a day before his ninth birthday, he had the best time, and it gave him a huge boost. To then have all the fans support his fundraising was crazy and we’re hugely grateful to the whole team and their fans.

“We’re so proud of Felix and how he has handled everything over the past six months. No child deserves to go through being diagnosed with cancer, but Felix hasn’t felt any self-pity. There have, of course, been times of sadness and frustration from him, but he is and always will be my hero.”

Felix’s fundraising efforts have been extraordinary and he has been an inspiration to his parents, the team from Nottingham Children’s Hospital, and everyone he meets. His fundraising will help other young patients like him, who are undergoing treatment for cancer, continue to get the same level of care and compassion that he has received.

You can support Felix’s fundraising page here.

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