Brave abseilers present cheque for upcoming Hopewood Appeal

Hopewood Appeal Cheque Presentation

Posted on: 10 Jul 2018

Ahead of the launch this autumn of the new Hopewood Appeal which will be supporting children, young people and mothers suffering from mental ill health, a group of brave fundraisers who abseiled down the QMC presented their cheque of £1,282.47 to the appeal.

Hopewood is a new facility for Nottinghamshire that provides residential and community-based care and support to children, young people and mothers facing a range of mental health issues.

Currently at least 1 in 10 children experience mental ill health, meaning there are currently over 40,000 children/young people living in Nottinghamshire who will experience a mental health problem before the age of 18 (NHS England; ONS mid-year population estimates 2016). It is estimated that only half of these children/young people will receive treatment, largely as a consequence of the stigma attached to mental health leaving them feeling extremely isolated.

The Hopewood Appeal aims to address this stigma, enabling more people to seek support whilst improving the facilities for the 6,000 patients already receiving treatment at Hopewood and in the wider community across Nottinghamshire.

The Hopewood Appeal will enhance the facilities at Hopewood and improve patient environments, stimulating and aiding recovery. Funds raised will create outdoor spaces that encourage connection, reflection and recovery including school and ward gardens, a wildlife garden, bespoke outdoor seating and a sculptural focal point. Internal enhancements to environments in entrances and on wards will reassure patients on admission and throughout their treatment journey. Ensuring environments are pleasant and stimulating for vulnerable patients is important and conducive to recovery.


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