A Valentine’s Day treat for Team NUH

A staff member stands holding a coffee in her hand and has a smile on behind her mask

Posted on: 15 Feb 2022

This Valentine’s Day we wanted to do something special to show our appreciation and thanks to staff at Nottingham’s NHS hospitals, for all they do throughout the year.

With the help of wonderful local mobile coffee van, Blackbird Coffee, we were able to hand out more than 300 teas, coffees and hot chocolates to NHS staff across the City Hospital and Queen’s Medical Centre.

Staff at Ropewalk House hearing centre also received a special delivery of donuts from local bakery DoughNotts.

Thank you to all of Team NUH for all you do for your patients and your community, every day of the year.

Three members of clinical staff hold their coffee cups in the carpark. They are wearing white uniform
A member of staff has stacked three coffees on top of each other. She is looking directly into the camera.
Three women stand with the owner of Blackbird Coffee. They are holding their cups up in a celebratory pose
Four nurses stand in the carpark holding their coffee. You can see by their body postures that they are cold but they are still smiling
Two nurses stand in the carpark holding a coffee each. They are close together and are both wearing clinical masks
Two members of staff are standing side by side holding their coffee cups. They are looking at the camera but you cannot tell if they are smiling behind the masks.

Read a special message from our CEO this Valentine’s Day.


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