A simple book makes all the difference to diabetic patients

Jordan sits on a chair and reads the book

Posted on: 11 Feb 2022

We went along to Nottingham Children’s Hospital to see the impact a funded book called Carbs and Cals is having on young patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Patients who are diagnosed with diabetes, especially those who are on insulin treatment, have to monitor the amount of carbohydrates they are consuming, as carbohydrates can affect their blood glucose levels and have a negative impact on their illness.

We met Jordan, along with his mum Kirsty, who had recently been diagnosed with diabetes and had been given the book by staff at the hospital.

Jordan sits on a chair holding the calories and carbs counter book. He is looking at the camera and is smiling behind the mask. Behind him you can see a blood pressure machine.

Jordan with his Carb and Calories book

Kirsty told us: “When Jordan was diagnosed we were thrown out of sync, we had to think about everything we were eating and how it could impact his blood sugar levels. When we were given the book, it really impacted how we made our meals and what we put into it. We quickly learnt that certain food had more sugar than we initially thought, such as fruit.

“Having this book really allows us to monitor him and his insulin almost perfectly and Jordan has learnt so much from this book. He knows that when he goes out to birthday parties, he can still have things he enjoys but smaller portions and he really understands how that will impact his blood sugar levels.”

When his nurse asked him about a piece of food, he instantly knew how many carbs were in that item.

“It really helps me have confidence that when he grows into an adult and leaves home that he’ll be safe and will know what to do if eating out with friends. Whenever I look at the book I’m shocked at how many carbs are in everyday food. It’s really made me think too,” Kirsty continued.

The Carbs and Cals book is funded by your generous donations, and is provided to patients like Jordan, who need help monitoring their intake of carbohydrates to manage their diets.

It’s amazing to see how something so simple can make a massive difference to young patients across Nottingham.

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