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Give back to Nottingham's NHS hospitals by becoming a volunteer for Nottingham Hospitals Charity and help make a difference to thousands of patients and staff in Nottingham. 

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What our volunteers do

By becoming a volunteer for Nottingham Hospitals Charity, you can get involved in a wide variety of activities in and around Nottingham including: 
  • Being one of our brilliant bucket collectors at various events
  • Helping our fundraisers register at our community run events and supporting our refreshment stands
  • Looking after our Charity Hub at QMC
  • Marshalling at half marathons, fun runs and other community led events
  • Don our Robin mascot costume and help bring smiles to children and adults who are attending our events
  • Celebrating our fundraisers at cheque presentations

Why our volunteers get involved

We spoke to our volunteer to find out why they give up their time to help support Nottingham's NHS.
Volunteer Chris Frampton stands at the Charity stand at the Nottinghamshire Got Talent event
Chris F

“It’s very worthwhile being involved. It can be fun and I love marshalling at the marathon. It’s a nice group of people. I really enjoyed doing Treats Tuesday. Without the Charity the Children’s hospital wouldn’t have the murals and enhancements and the breast cancer waiting areas wouldn’t have been refurbished”
Omaima stands in the QMC Charity Hub and is smiling at the camera

"Volunteering brings me great satisfaction as I witness the positive impact it has on the lives of those in need. I am dedicated with my husband to leading by example and involving my son in this noble cause, instilling in him as we grow the values of compassion, sharing, and community service."
Emily a Nottingham Hospitals Charity volunteer

"I volunteer because it connects me to Nottingham, the people within my community, and I feel like I’m part of something bigger. I’ve been living in Nottingham for nearly nine years, having studied at a local university and then settling down with a full-time job, volunteering for the community that I now call home feels like I’m making a difference to where I live and brings out the best in me."

"I got into volunteering when my nephew developed Leukaemia last August. It really opened my eyes with what people are going through and how dependent we are with the NHS, so I wanted to give something back. It is very rewarding just knowing that I can make a difference."
Rosie a Nottingham Hospitals Charity volunteer

"As an oncology patient it’s truly satisfying, and worthwhile experience, knowing I am giving something back to those who are helping myself and others alike."
Chris poses for a photograph in the QMC Charity Hub
Chris P

"It’s my way of giving back to the hospital and learning at the same time. I enjoy the whole process from initial photograph through to editing and producing the final picture. This is not the sort of photography I usually do, but I do enjoy it and I’m learning new things."
Marianne stands with a NCT bus driver. She is ruffling his hair before he has it shaved off

What difference does it make? 

Our volunteers play a key role in supporting Nottingham Hospitals Charity. By lending a helping hand, they help support the Nottingham community and make a lasting impact on Nottingham hospitals.

By becoming a volunteer your support will help projects like:

  • Life-saving equipment such as an iMRI machine which helps surgeons treat patients with brain tumours and provide a better outcome
  • Helping Professor Chan conduct important research into developing a gene test which helps indicate which type of cancer treatment a patient will respond to.
  • Providing specialist spinal braces for children's stuffed friends to help ease anxiety of patients

Take a look at our current Volunteer Opportunities. From one-off to permanent roles, there is something for everyone to get stuck into.

Take a look at our Volunteer Opportunities
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