Leaving a Legacy FAQs

A pen lies on top of a folder that has the word My Will written underneath

Leaving a Will can leave you with some questions. Our FAQs are here to help answer any questions you may have.

Got a question which isn't covered below? Contact our Individual Giving team by emailing Rebecca Taylor at Rebecca.Taylor7@nuh.nhs.uk or calling 0115 962 7905 and we'll do everything we can to help.
What does it mean to leave a legacy?
A legacy is a donation that is left as part of your Will. When someone leaves a Legacy to Nottingham Hospitals Charity, you'll be helping us continue to fund important long-term projects and equipment which will benefit patients across Nottingham. 
How do I make a Will for free?
Usually, making a Will can cost money. But we've partnered with Bequeathed, to offer a free online will writing service, in just three simple steps.
  1. Fill in the blanks on our secure online interview form, which takes just 20 minutes.
  2. Book an online 30 minute video appointment to receive free legal advice and go through your options with your local legal team.
  3. Sign and witness your will – that’s it!
Making a Will through Bequeathed is completely free, however you have the option to leave a gift to Nottingham Hospitals to thank your local NHS and give back to your wider community.
How do I leave a legacy?
You can leave a gift in your Will by contacting us, or creating your Will through our FREE online wills creator Bequeathed
What happens when you leave a Will?
The Will that you left will be filed with a petition which asks the court to approve the Will and put it into effect. It is then left to the executor who is then in charge of moving it into the probate process and then managing and distributing the assets. 
What if I want to make significant changes?
If you've already made a will but want to make changes, we recommend speaking to your solicitor or a professional Will writer and considering having it redrafted. It is recommended that you keep your Will regularly updated. For example, there may have been births, deaths, marriages since you last looked at your Will.
Who do I need to inform?
When writing or making changes to your Will, you'll need to consult your solicitor or a legal professional to ensure it is drafted correctly and that your wishes will be carried out. It's also good practice to tell your next of kin or a close friend if you have specific wishes.
Can I talk to someone about my gift?
At Nottingham Hospitals Charity we're here to help. Our Individual Giving Manager will be able to help you with any questions you may have concerning your Legacy.

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