The National Rehabilitation Centre

A photo from the National Rehabilitation Centre

The National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) will transform the way that the NHS delivers clinical rehabilitation on a national scale.

You can see a patient using a machine turning the handles

By supporting the NRC you will help ensure that more patients who have suffered life-changing injury or illness will have the opportunity to return to life and work. Donations will help to provide the NRC with the most high-tech and specialist rehabilitation equipment, significantly improving both the rehabilitation experience and outcomes for patients.

A patient holds a exercise ball above their head. They are aided by two physios

Thanks to your generous donations the NRC will not only improve the quality and availability of clinical rehabilitation in the East Midlands-area but will also be able to drive national change through its research and education programmes, working in partnership with the University of Nottingham and Loughborough University. Find out more about the NRC’s education and research work.

Thank you for considering a gift to the NRC. For more information on giving opportunities in the NRC please contact


Please note, funds raised for this appeal may be used for other, similar projects for the benefit of patients if our target is exceeded or not met, or if the appeal purposes cannot be fulfilled.


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