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Hayward House is a unique palliative care centre located in the grounds of Nottingham City Hospital. Here we provide specialist care for people with a range of life-limiting illnesses. For as long as they need us.

Through the professional and dedicated staff at Hayward House we are helping patients and their families not just with their medical but their emotional needs too.

With your help we can provide more complementary therapies, additional nursing and facilities, peaceful gardens, quiet counselling rooms and space for loved ones to be together.

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Donate to our Hayward House Appeal today

A donation as small as £5 can make a big difference.

Supporting Hayward House Appeal with a small donation can help us to provide facilities and services that make a real difference to patients and families.
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With your help we can provide so much more, such as:
  • Relaxing complementary therapies.
  • Quiet rooms to provide space for reflection.
  • Counselling rooms for difficult times.
  • Stimulating arts activities.
  • Family rooms so loved ones can be together.
  • Tranquil gardens to sit and enjoy.
Make a £5 donation today
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Helping patients through their hardest moments.

Hayward House is a unique environment offering patients a home-from-home, to help cope with advanced, progressive and terminal illness, or to support patients at the end of their life.

The caring team at Hayward House focus on physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs to enrich and improve life for patients and their families during challenging times.

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