Donate in lieu of Christmas Cards

How much do you spend on sending Christmas cards? Use our calculator to find out and make a difference to your local Nottingham NHS hospitals by donating the cost instead

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Fill in our calculator to find out how much you usually spend on Christmas cards, then follow the simple steps to donate

Christmas Card Calculator | Nottingham Hospitals Charity

How luxurious do your
Christmas cards tend to be?

How do you usually deliver your cards?

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Make a difference this Christmas

This year, you can make a difference to patient care right here in Nottingham by donating the cost of your Christmas cards. 

Whether you deliver 10 cards by hand to your neighbours, or send over a hundred across the country - our handy calculator makes it simple for to you to turn that spend into a one-off donation.
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Choose an area of the hospitals to support

Your donation can go towards a specific Ward, area, or division of the hospital that is closest to your heart. Or you can choose to support our general fund, which is open for anyone from the Trust to apply for funding.

Whatever cause or department is most meaningful to you - that's where your money will go.

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