Giving money to Nottingham Hospitals Charity through your payroll

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Help Nottingham Hospitals by giving as you earn. Through the Government led payroll-giving scheme, you can give to Nottingham Hospitals Charity through your monthly pay slip.

The scheme is commonly known as Give As You Earn and it’s an easy, tax effective way to make a regular donation to charity and costs you less but makes a huge impact.

How does it work?

Your donation is taken directly from your monthly gross salary (before tax is deducted) which gives you immediate tax relief on your donations. Anyone who pays his or her tax through PAYE can donation through the Give As You Earn scheme.

Benefits of payroll giving for employees

Make a difference

By making a regular donation, you will continue to make a difference for patients and NHS staff across Nottingham hospitals.

You choose where it goes

Whether there is an area of the hospital that is close to your heart or you just want to donate to a general cause, it’s really up to you.

It’s quick and easy

Do you mean to give to charity but often forget? By signing up to Payroll giving, you don’t have to remember to donate because it automatically comes out of your monthly pay slip.

Benefits of payroll giving for charities

Supporting thousands of patients

We help support all four Nottingham Hospitals which include Ropewalk House, Nottingham City Hospital, Nottingham Children’s Hospital and Queen’s Medical Centre.

We get more money from the Government

If you are a basic taxpayer and give £10 a month to Nottingham Hospitals Charity, you’ll only pay £8 and the other £2 is given to us by the HMRC Revenue & Customs.

Make a difference

Through your donations, we can continue to support the Nottingham community and fund vital projects to improve patient care.

Basic rate for taxpayers

If you are on the basic rate of tax, every £1 that you earn, 20p is paid in tax. This mean’s you’ll pay 80% of the donation and the Government will pay the other 20%.

Higher taxpayers

If you are on a higher tax band of 40% and pledge £10, you’ll pay £6 (60%) and the HMRC will pay the other £4 (40%). If you fall into the super rate tax band then it will be a 50/50 split (50% of your income, 50% Government)

See below for different variations:

Employee Pledge

Cost to standard rate taxpayer (20%)

Cost to higher rate taxpayer (40%)

Cost to super rate taxpayer (50%)

£5 per month




£10 per month




£15 per month




How to make a donation

It’s great that you’ve decided to Give As You Earn. To get started, check with your HR department to make sure that your company offers Payroll Giving. If they do, they will help set this up for you. We currently get Payroll Giving through Charitable Giving, Charities Trust and Pennies from Heaven.

For any reason if your circumstances change and or you wish to no longer make a donation, simply let your HR team know about the change you wish to make.

Sadly your donation can not be transferred if you change jobs so you will need to go through the whole process again with your new company.

Have a question

If you have any queries about making a donation through your payroll or would like more information, please get in touch with us at or phone us on 0115 962 7905.


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