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Children’s Hospital Youth Service 21st Anniversary

Our amazing Youth Service at Nottingham Children’s Hospital is celebrating its 21st Anniversary.

For 21 years the team at the Youth Service have been providing vital support for young people from 11 to 21 years who are living with a wide range of long-term medical conditions and disabilities.

Young people can feel isolated by their conditions and different from their friends at home. The Youth Service provides a truly unique environment where they can come together in joint activities, interests, experiences and even their own youth club. Sharing their challenges and celebrating their achievements.

Nottingham Hospitals Charity, which supports the youth service, is joining forces with staff and patients in a bid to raise £21,000 during its 21st year, to fund extra activities and facilities.


If you want to help provide support for this amazing service for its incredible young patients you can donate to our Big Appeal for Nottingham Children’s Hospital.

Every minute, your support makes a difference