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The BIG Appeal

Having a child admitted to hospital is one of the most stressful events a family can face. Our Big Appeal  is raising £4 million over four years for Nottingham Children’s Hospital. Your support can help us enhance care for children and their families.

Nottingham Children’s Hospital is based at the Queen’s Medical Centre. Paediatric doctors and nurses here care for over 60,000 babies, children and young people from across the region.

Our goal is to provide specialised diagnostic equipment, fund research into childhood illnesses, and improve facilities for patients, families, and staff. Whether a child is visiting hospital for an x-ray or battling a chronic illness, our Big Appeal will enable hospital staff to provide the best possible care.

Helping families be near their poorly children in hospital

Parents often have to travel long distances each day – sometimes for weeks or months at a time – just to visit their child or baby in hospital. Many families stay in hotel rooms or sleep on a chair at their child’s bedside. This way of life leads to exhaustion and increasing levels of anxiety and stress. One of the aims of the Big Appeal is to renovate parent and family accommodation at Nottingham Children’s Hospital. We want to ensure that parents have comfortable places to stay overnight whilst remaining close to their child. With a place to rest away from the ward, parents are better equipped to support their child.

How your donation can help

We want to ensure that Nottingham Children’s Hospital is equipped with the very best x-ray and scanning facilities. This equipment will improve diagnosis and treatment, as well as reducing waiting times and hospital stays. Our Big iMRI Appeal is a major part of the Big Appeal. We aim to fund a new state-of-the-art intra-operative MRI (iMRI) scanner for paediatric neurosurgeons operating on children with brain tumours.

Nottingham Neonatal UnitOur Neonatal Units at QMC and City Hospital provide intensive treatment of pre-term and poorly babies. They are specialist regional centres, caring for 1,500 of our tiniest patients each year. As part of our Big Appeal, the Big Neonatal Appeal will fund new paediatric imaging equipment and research to diagnose conditions that affect premature babies.

Find out about the Neonatal Appeal and Big iMRI Appeal via the buttons below

Thanks to our amazing supporters, we have recently spent £1.1m to refurbish the children’s cancer and neurosciences wards. We funded colourful wall art, state-of-the-art air filtration, and improved communal areas – like play spaces and relatives’ rooms. We aim to raise a further £100,000 each year to continue to make the Nottingham Children’s Hospital a more child-friendly place to be.

Nottingham Children’s Hospital is one of the only children’s hospitals in the country to offer complementary therapy treatments to all its patients. Aromatherapy, relaxation and massage sessions offer pain relief, reduce anxiety and improve quality of life. We need to raise an additional £50,000 each year to continue to provide this unique service for patients.

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Helping families be near their poorly children in hospital

Our Big Appeal will enhance Parent and Family Accommodation at Nottingham Children’s Hospital, providing parents with a comfortable place to stay whilst remaining close to their poorly child.

See the difference this will make to parents like Yvonne and Lee in the video above.

How Your Donation Helps

We’re often asked how your donations help Nottingham Children’s Hospital.

The Big Appeal wants to raise and spend £4 million to enhance treatment and complementary activities, help to reduce anxieties and bringing some sunshine into the lives of incredibly brave young people and their families.

Here’s how we do it:

Looking after parents and families.  Parents can face having to travel long distances each day to visit their child or baby in hospital, often for months at a time. We are funding the refurbishment of the onsite family rooms and facilities, creating brighter, calmer, happier, more attractive and child-friendly places.

Making diagnosis quicker and easier. Fear and anxiety are natural instincts for us all and often more so for children undergoing treatment. We are raising funds for equipment that will help our doctors diagnose children’s illnesses earlier, supporting children’s treatment and also reducing waiting times and hospital stays.

And much more. Children love being busy, creative and engaged. We fund arts, crafts and activities, as well as youth clubs and residential trips for children in hospital. We also support the incredible Hospital Play and Development Service.

Every minute, your support makes a difference