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The BIG Appeal

Having a child in hospital is one of the most stressful events a family can face. That’s why we’re using ‘The Big Appeal’ campaign to raise funds for highly specialised diagnostic equipment that accurately identifies illness and disease earlier. Funds will also provide families with reassuring in-hospital facilities; a comfortable home from home experience that allows families to stay close whilst their child is receiving expert care.

Located in the Queen’s Medical Centre, the Children’s Hospital cares for babies, children and young people from across a large Midlands region, treating a diversity of conditions including cancer, leukaemia, kidney disease, organ transplants and facial surgery. Despite inevitable pain and suffering it is also an inspiring place to work; children bringing a level of brightness and optimism that helps chase away the shadows of illness.

Our challenge is to raise £3 million by 2019. Will you support us to help the patients and families using the Children’s Hospital?  Every donation goes directly to providing improved care and research into new treatments for over 60,000 children and young people.  Make it happen and it WILL make a difference. Thank you.

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Total raised for this appeal so far...

£314,000 raised towards our £3,000,000 goal

Robin goes to the movies...

Little Robin Hood is NOW in Nottingham cinemas as part of our Big Appeal for Nottingham Children’s Hospital.

Little Robin Hood is part of our BIG Appeal animation for Nottingham Children’s Hospital which is in debuting in cinemas NOW.

Can YOU help spread the word? If you know a cinema, entertainment or leisure venue who could show the fun 60 second animation, or if you work for a school or local community organisation and can help spread the word by showing our Little Robin Hood in action for the Big Appeal, let us know.

The vital role of medical equipment

Professor David Walker, a leading Paediatric Oncologist explains how highly-specialised medical equipment is essential to treating children’s illnesses. As a keen supporter of The Big Appeal he explains how you can play an important part by donating or raising funds.

Supporting children and families

Emergency Paediatric Consultant Dr Stephanie Smith is passionate about creating reassuring hospital environments. Here she explains how The Big Appeal funding is helping to reduce children’s and family fears and anxieties.

How Your Donation Helps

We’re often asked how your donations help Nottingham Children’s Hospital.

The Big Appeal wants to raise and spend £3 Million in ways that directly impact on treatments and complementary activities, helping to reduce anxieties and bringing some sunshine into the lives of incredibly brave young people and their families.

Here’s how we do it:

Making life brighter.  No child wants to live in drab surroundings so Nottingham Hospitals Charity funds colourful wall art, cheerful and imaginative play spaces and air filtration for easy breathing. Providing a self-contained room with a fully-fitted kitchen in the cancer and neuro-science wards allows families to spend vital quality time together in more normal surroundings.

Making life easier. Fear, pain, anxiety are natural instincts for us all and often more so for children undergoing treatment. The Big Appeal will fund aromatherapy and relaxation classes plus massage sessions to improve the quality of life for young patients. Nottingham Children’s Hospital is one of only a few to offer these facilities to every child in our care.

Making life fun. Children love being busy, creative and engaged. Not that easy when you’re facing the prospect of a hospital stay, so The Big Appeal will provide music and art sessions, computer equipment and iPads, a weekly youth club and residential trips away for patients with chronic illnesses or disabilities. We also support the incredible Hospital Play and Development Service; real life local heroes!

Making life better. Time in hospital can be scary for children: strange surroundings, worries about their illness and being away from the certainty of family life. We all need a local hero, someone to talk to and share feelings with. Someone we can trust. In Nottingham Children’s hospital the team of heroes is The Play and Development Service, a dedicated and compassionate group of qualified play specialists and nursery nurses. Working on wards, clinics, day surgeries and in the community these amazing people work with young patients and their families, offering positive support and activities that reduce the focus of treatments and difficult experiences. Nottingham Hospitals Charity has also funded youth support workers who help young people with emotional crises, mental health issues or disturbed behaviour. If it wasn’t for your support we couldn’t make a difference.

Every minute, your support makes a difference