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Many neonatal and intensive care babies require MRI scans to aid their diagnosis and treatment. Our new Baby MRI will help give them the best possible start in life, transforming their lives, one scan at a time.

Specialist centre in the East Midlands

As a regional specialist centre we regularly treat babies requiring brain surgery or those who have spinal or congenital issues. The new ‘Baby MRI’ incubator will be an all-in-one scanning environment for babies, keeping them comfortable and protecting them from noise, reducing the need for sedation. It will also be used in trials with babies with brain injuries who could benefit from innovative ‘brain cooling’ therapies.

How you can help

Your support means so much!

There are many ways to help our appeal for Nottingham Children’s Hospital, including brilliant ideas for socially-distanced activities! If you want to find out more about our events and virtual fundraising ideas look no further!