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  1. Funding Innovative Research Projects

Nottingham Research Appeal

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust is an international leader in innovative, ground-breaking medical research. Thanks to the generosity and commitment of our donors and fundraisers, Nottingham Hospitals Charity has contributed more than £7 million to research at our hospitals over the past ten years, with one aim in mind: to help save lives.

Medical research and innovation is at the heart of healthcare. Research is vital to ensure that patients with a diverse range of diagnoses are receiving the best treatment available. Medicine is always developing thanks to the incredible work of scientists and medical researchers, including many at Nottingham’s hospitals.

By supporting Nottingham Hospitals Charity’s Research Appeal, you can make sure that your local hospital continues to take steps towards breaking new medical ground every single day.

Nottingham Hospitals Charity supports research and innovation in areas including Breast Cancer, Digestive Diseases, Dementia, Premature Babies, Domestic Abuse, Gynaecology, Kidney Disease, Hearing Loss and Crohn’s Disease.  Patients in Nottingham and beyond, for many years to come, will benefit from donations made to our Research Appeal.

By making a donation today you can help medical researchers in Nottingham to find the breakthrough causes and cures that will help to ease pain and suffering, and to save lives. You can help to make a difference, and to have a lasting impact.

Total raised for this appeal so far...

£146,461 raised towards our £500,000 goal

Funding Innovative Research Projects

Nottingham Hospitals Charity funds a range of innovative research projects across the Trust. Some are condition specific including breast, prostate and other cancers, dementia, Crohn’s disease, myeloid leukaemia and treatments for premature babies. Research studies focus on patient support issues such as care improvement, devising interactive audio-visual materials for the hard of hearing, volunteer-led patient support and information access for parents of children with cancer.

Every minute, your support makes a difference